Striving to improve the quality of life for the elderly and disabled.

Mission:   To provide low cost or no cost travel and transportation to disabled persons in the CSRA and to other non-profit organizations, groups and businesses of up to 20 passengers.


Vision: To help improve the quality of life of disabled persons by providing transportation to college classes, recreational events, leisure time out of the home, and of course medical appointments without concern of expensive medical taxis and to facilitate maximum participation for youth camps, mission trips, or group events by keeping travel expenses to an absolute minimum while providing an enjoyable travel experience and top notch service.

Restoring joy to many lives, making dreams come true for many more.


We require only a reimbursement of estimated expense incurred by using the vehicle.  We strongly encourage additional donations as the Lord leads.  It is your donations that helps keep this ministry on the road.


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Persons with wheelchair disabilities

Our first priority!  Those who use a wheelchair have first priority and are permitted to schedule transport as far in advance as they wish.


Walking with disabilities

If you are disabled but can walk and ride in a standard vehicle you are our second priority.  We allow only one week advance scheduling with no minimum.


Elderly assistance

You are over 65 years old, have no significant disability and need transportation.  You may coordinate transportation only one week in advance.


Group transports

Can be coordinated far in advance and does not require any passengers with a disability.  The max number of passengers is 20, or 7 plus one wheelchair.


Special missions

The transport ministry can accommodate a variety of other missions.  Please call or email to inquire.


Vehicle assistance

Looking for a special wheelchair vehicle?  We will help locate and pick up from anywhere in the country.

Our Recent Highlights

Each month we will highlight significant events accomplished and present a summary of services rendered throughout the CSRA

January 2019

Total transports: 130

6 New clients

1 Missionary transport

Grant received

February 2019

Total transports: 200

First vehicle sent to garage
for engine replacement


March 2019

Total transports: 202



April 2019

Total transports: 205

May 2019

Total transports: 140

June 2019

Total transports: 265

We Work With

Some organizations who support our efforts and some organizations who we support regularly.